SBS has attached great importance to technological innovation, and in the early 1990s, the company set up a technical transformation group. In 1999, because of its strong technical advantages, the Chinese zipper machines will combine weaving, molding, suturing as an integrated process, to improve the work efficiency 5times as much as before. It has also brought us lower cost and less energy consumption. The invention of the slider auto assembly machines, automatic wearing chain machine, using the machinery instead of manual has improved the quality of the zipper so as to enhance the  production efficiency and reduce the cost and energy consumption.

Intelligent Design

Lead the Fashion

We have d personalized, stylish zipper products, leading clothing, luggage trends with strong technical strength of the application of new materials, new technology, and became the product manufacturers partners of the 2008th Olympic Games.

So far the SBS has applied 7 invention patents, 35 utility model patents,  30 appearance patent, most of which focused on the zipper technology and product s. In addition, SBS has also applied 13 new products for copyright registration. The "SBS" logo has become a well-known trademark in the global and is registered in more than 40 countries all over the world. Also it has applied 18 trademarks in the domestic country. Because of the significant achievements SBS has contributed to the country zipper line. The Intellectual Property Rights Bureau Of China has listed SBS in the experimental units of intellectual property rights of the third batch of enterprises and institutions nationwide and the patent exchange center for the nationwide enterprises.

In the past years, we have invented more than 300 products of  based on the new technology, new materials and new equipment. They have been listed in the national Torch Program Projects and Spark Projects. In addition, we have also participated in the formulation of national standards and the industry standard revision program and established the first-class zipper product testing center so as to promote the company's development and promote the overall progress of the industry.