Human resources are the precious resources of a company. "People-Oriented", take employee as "cooperate partners" is the embodies A Company's idea of respecting talented people."First-Class Standard, introduce talented people  varies channels" is the principle of our company.

Fujian SBS contains talented people of different parts of China. We set up Enterprise Management College-Fujian SBS zipper College to provide a broad stage for employee training and professional career plan. The nature of knowledge economy is innovation. Human resources is the key factor in developing economy and the core is develop human resources creativity. "Training the employee with first-class standard" is the guiding idea of  SBS company training people program. 

For a long time, company based on "Qualified People Go Forward, Normal People Give Away, Unqualified People Go Backward", creating the best working environment for excellent people. In order to give development opportunity to every employ and  development area, company establish"Three Lines" promotion system those are promotion in Management System, in Sales System and in Specified Technology System. Together with these are complete, equal and fair evaluation system to let people of different positions have sustainable career development and find their suitable professional stage.

This is the place to start your dream, a stage to show your genius, a fertile soil to realize self value. Fujian SBS zipper Technology Co. Ltd welcome talented people to build Chinese proud national brand"SBS zipper".

Company provides competitive salary and welfare. Salary includes: wages, allowance, bonus, stock option etc.Meanwhile , we provide complete welfare security system, such as endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance, unexpected injury insurance, unemployment insurance, labor insurance allowance, lower temperature allowance and meal allowance etc.

SBS zipper college.was founded by SBS Group&Overseas Chinese University. With education mode'Factory+College',it fixed up a permanent system of Inner training and re-study. Due to such excellent system,various talents came into existence in SBS Company. The talents is core competitive predominance.